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      Meie keskkonnaalane vastutus

      Mitsubishi Motors võtab meie planeedi tervist tõsiselt. Oleme uurinud oma tegevuse iga aspekti, alates aerodünaamiliste ja ökonoomsete sõidukite disainimisest kuni meie tehaste heitkoguste vähendamiseni

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      The green, intelligent choice

      The i-MiEV is one of the first consumer electric vehicles in Europe – and it is revolutionising the way you think about cars. The i-MiEV, or i Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle, is the pinnacle of Mitsubishi Motors’ pioneering environmental technology, which we have been developing and promoting for over forty years, and a symbol of our continuous efforts to reduce our impact on the planet. With zero CO2 running emissions, the i-MiEV is the smart, practical choice for an environmentally responsible, fun-to-drive car that represents our mission to create a sustainable future.

      Fast, zippy, soothingly quiet, comfortable and user-friendly thanks to its 4-door, 4-passenger configuration, the i-MiEV is one of the first practical, modern electric vehicles from any major manufacturer available in Europe.

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      Changing the game

      Why settle for either the economical, zero-emission performance of an EV or the thrilling all-road performance and superior utility of an SUV when you can own an Outlander PHEV? The world's first plug-in hybrid 4WD SUV offers a completely new driving experience.

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      Uhke pärand

      Miks on autosport meil veres
      Me peame möönma, et oleme uhked selle üle, et oleme aastakümneid rallisid võitnud. Tegelikult oleme olnud üks edukamaid autotootjaid kurnaval Dakari rallil ja Tommi Mäkinen on võitnud neli WRC tiitlit just Mitsubishi roolis. Niisiis, heitke pilk meie pikale ralliajaloole ja saate teada, kuidas on meie osalemine autospordis aidanud kaasa paremate ja tugevamate sõidukite tootmisele.
      Heritage Mitsubishi car
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